Michael Clarke should stay as Aussie t20 captain

Watching the Aussies perform in the world T20 championship was more than a pleasant site. It was like a masala hindi movie. The early pre-tournament loss to Zimbabwe, then completely crushing all their opponents before finishing tamely against their arch rivals the founders of cricket, England. But more than the unusual loss ( unusual because Aussies are big match players and they relish tournament finals) it was heartening to see michael clarke captain the side. Most of us would ve been immediate fans to him after the debut century against the indians. but after that pup (as he is popularly known) reduced his attacking instincts and took a more cautious approach to cement his place in the side and his position as the successor of ricky ponting. But i know many are already pointing out that he may not be the best fit for T20 and that he doesn't even deserve a place in the team. But friends i hope you remember how jacques kallis,rahul dravid, sachin et al found t20 too tough two years back and how now they are the masters of the game. One thing they all had and pup has is the timing. They all are technically perfect. So think its high time we point fingers at someone who led his team to their maiden final in T20's. Remember not long ago was ricky ponting made bunny by the whole world and what he has achieved after becoming the captain is history. So give pup some time and rest assured he will surely maintain "the aussie spirit".


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