Well i was having a hot shower in the morning(all showers are hot whether its morning or night in Chennai though) and i was thinking about what some George F.Burns said, " i honestly think its better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate...". I have this quote written in my wall above my PC and my family often gives a wry smile seeing it. I wonder whether they understand it. geek...they do and so only they manage a smile. I was thinking why people never do what they like. What could happen at the max? they would be utter failure, they would be damned by all. People would laugh at them, they would starve to complete their life. Seems a bit bad fortune isn't it. but common, why do u ever care about people smiling sarcastically at you? they smile at everyone. They mock you but deep inside i can assure you that they ll see you as a hero who lived his own life. Its their ego that doesn't let them accept that they are failures who failed to live their dream and that vents out as criticism at you. At next thing, i have more often heard about this term called SUCCESS. what do you think is success? having a car? boasting the best villa in the town? being a great actor who acted all his life in the office to be at the top post? i always think people overrate Shakespeare and believe him. may be that why they took his words "all the world's a stage" a little too seriously. thats why they act all through their lives not only their part but also the part  others expect them to live.

Give me a break. There is always two methodologies in life, the first kind (type1) always say, "i went towards my goal. " and the way their life would end up is they either achieved it got screwed up. There is yet another kind of people(type2) who always say, "i wished i had done that, but..." and "my situation was such that i couldn't go for it". And they mostly lived a settled life the society defines. But at the end of their heart they ll sulk, cry, bang every time when they see someone persuading his dream with the freedom of an eagle flying towards the horizon. I don't know which type i am yet, but the real reason for me writing all this is i love sharing my ideas (not imposing them though) and so i am sharing this. If at least i manage to change one person reading this from type2 to type1, then i would ve achieved what i wrote this for. And if this blog is not read by anyone and thrashed, i wont sulk, i ll be happy that i at least tried to change it. Thats attitude by it...      


  1. Nalla oraikara maathri soluda..
    Guys understand the type2 and change now atleast..

  2. gud man!..keep gng!!..let d best be wid u always!!..keep rocking..

  3. @ Balasubramaniam thanku for ur wishes..;)


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