Display Logic and read only logic In Openbravo

Using display logic in Openbravo is a primitive task but might seem a lot more difficult until you get hold of it...The display logic can be applied at the window-field level. Lets see a example. We have two fields married which is a check box and children which is a text box. Now at runtime we wish to display the children text box only if the married is ticked. So to apply this Logic we need to write a display condition in the children field. The logic is very simple. just type @married@='Y' in the display logic column of the field children. Now for read only logic, if you want the children field to be defaulted to 0 instead of hiding it, we need to do it at the table-column level. In the children column type @married@='Y' in the read only logic field and set the default value field as 0.


  1. Ho to write read only logic to make a column read only based on record createdby?


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