Both Ends of a Knife - 5

            Though we were great friends we mostly met only in school and not anywhere else. But that day she herself asked whether I could take her out for a movie. I was shocked first. But then we decided upon it and I along with four of my friends including her and a girl went to mayajaal. We got tickets for a Hindi movie called ‘rab ne bana di jodi’ (god has made a pair…I wish I too made). As you all expected we both sat next to each other and truly the a/c in the hall was taking its toll on us. She was in a sky blue salwar and couldn’t help but keep watching her. I even told her that but she thought I was teasing her and punched me in my shoulders and continued watching the movie. Ouch, I jus then felt the pain in my heart..:). It was too cold and she was slowly holding my hand that was then too warm at the sudden feeling of love in my heart. She was barely three centimeters away from me and it was extremely difficult to concentrate even on the king srk. I was about to talk to her when suddenly they declared…INTERMISSON.
             I was cursing my luck and came to toilet first, because the chillness and her closeness had truly taken its toll. After attending to nature’s call I bought popcorn and coke for all. Niki was extremely calm and normal but I truly found it difficult to look at her and speak. I decided to sit away from her but my friend had already mingled with the other girl who came with niki and thus again I had to face heaven and hell at the same time.This time right from the beginning of the movie she was holding my hand in her both hands and I felt how nice would be if we were like this life long. The film was turning bit soapy and suddenly I felt some weight in my shoulders. No prizes for guessing that her face was in my shoulders. But again I was put in a dilemma. She was crying getting too much involved into the movie. Srk was slowly bending to kiss that girl in her cheeks, it was all the same that I wanted to do…but I slowly wiped her tears showed her small ..:), went near her ears gently removed the few hairs covering her gentle ears and said,” will you share my life with yours and make it ours?...”. I expected her to show some shock, anger or upset. But niki was still calm and she turned towards me and locked her eyes with mine and said, “Oh sorry da…you should have told me before… (My heart stopped beating for minute then she continued) because just moments ago I decided that whole of mine including my life is for a handsome guy called ram…:). It took few seconds to realize that I was ram and I was simply ecstatic. I slowly bent my head towards her slowly smoothly grazed her forehead with my hand and suddenly she tried to get up and my lips were on her forehead. I had my first kiss when I was seventeen. It was bit hard to stop it with forehead alone for both of us, but still those seconds are pretty much close to my heart…

            Life after that was all about niki because in the meantime a worst thing had happened in my life. My parents passed away. Yes. There was no accident or murder stuff. My dad was barely thirty when he had his first attack but couldn’t bare it and left me and mom alone. That’s when we saw a star in the dark yet again. My mom was pregnant. My mom started believing my dad will return to this world in the shape of his son. After all, all men want a second mom in the form of wife whereas every woman is too happy to have her husband as her first child. And yes after all her belief came true. Shyam was born as a boon to our family. He was like a pacifier of all our worries. We were slowly getting back to normal life in my eleventh class when god struck again. This time it was my mom…:). I never told my mom but I loved her more than anything else in this world.  I wish she knew it. Shyam and myself were staying for sometime in our relatives homes, but still no one wants two useless after all. That’s when I decided to move out of school in search of work when our sports sir ajay slapped me for the first time in my life. He was someone who was very fond of my singing skills and my chess. After all, after suffering so many deadly moves from god and still surviving, playing with small pieces against certainly weaker oppositions was not so difficult. He wasn’t married and had an old but charming dad. He took us to his home and from then he was our godfather, ya truly a god sent father. He was very friendly to me and we spent many nights wondering why god created us. If my family life was not anything less than tragic his life was far horrible. Ajay (I used to call him by his name when we were alone) finished his degree in a sports college and he was one of the best footballers the college had seen. (I am not flattering and I got this news from his principal who used to turn up few cold nights to turn of the cold with hot drinks…).
Ajay was a natural talent and a natural choice for the state team. In fact he was the first freshman to become the captain of the college team. The best part of ajay was that he commanded respect from his juniors and his seniors. As most men do, he too tasted the love poison. Her name was divya. She was studying in the same college and was an expert in athletics, especially triple jump an event considered tough for many. Both were natural athletes and I thought they should have no problems running away to marry if that was a problem. But life is always not so much easy as we think it is. It was in his last semester that the national inter collegiate meet was being held in their college. Ajay’s team had advanced for the finals in football event and divya was second in the selection trials. All was going well. That evening they thought of going for a walk as they never got time to talk...


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