Both Ends of A Knife-6

As they walked by divya said,” hope your team is in high spirits. I think you ll surely win tomorrow.” ajay just smiled and said, “I love you like hell.” She hid a big smile and blushed and asked,” I hope we live for a long time happily. When shall v marry?” Ajay thought for a while and said, “After four years divs. By then I would surely be in the national team and would have got a bank job or any government job and you would have also made it to the national team if you continue performing like this. But the truth is I want to marry you this instant. I want to be the best husband the world has seen as you are the best girl the world has seen”. Divya was leaning on his shoulders and holding his hands and they walked with a single shadow. Divya slowly hissed near his ears, “I want to die this instant. I am too happy.” Sometimes truth is truly stranger than fiction. A lorry came out of somewhere as usual with malfunctioning brakes and sent both ajay and divya flying and both came down as shattered as their dreams. Divya was declared dead that day itself and ajay had broken his spine which means ajay’s football career was over…. All I could do was to cry hearing these stories from his grandpa and principal uncle. I felt we certainly don’t get the best of moments or bear the worst of moments in our life. The extremes are yet to be discovered. Till then I thought my life was the worst but then decided how much a happy life I was leading. I thanked god for the first time after the day I saw niki…


hi friends, this is the end of the first chapter that i had thought of...i know it started on a dull note and ended in one...but just as in life, the darkest hour will always be followed by dawn...will keep u waited for that....i am just adding a small note for all those who read this and who ll be reading this...its nothing more than fun to see so many views here. thanks for the 500 views tats keeping me going...:)


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