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Both ends of a knife (Part - 1) (My Novel)

            The pregnant lady forgot to scream until the doctor did, and he started to scream. He was four hours ahead of time to feel this earth, but he knew he would always have time in his life to even it up. He was not yet ready to see this bright world (though just on the outset) and was craving again for the eternal darkness and warmth he felt in his mother’s womb. May be he did not realize there were many more things he is going to be jus craving before he reaches the second womb of motherland. After quite a reluctant opposition and with undesired struggle from the maternity department, he rose with the sun…
            The mother was very happy to hear that she had a son but that too did not last long when she discovered that the child was just about a kilo and was barely fifteen centimeters in size. The nurse had actually fitted him in her palms and showed to her. She fainted. In her Subconscious mind she traveled back to the day when that forgettable incident happened…It was barely three months after her marriage but she had already started feeling the pain of separation from the love and care of her family. In the midst of all this came the heartening news that she was pregnant. She thought this would instill new happiness in her new family but to her despair her problems had just got worse. Her relationship with her mother-in-law had swollen beyond limit and it reached a stage where she did that unforgivable sin. That day the problem between her and her mother-in-law got worsened to a limit where she was pushed out of the house without the knowledge of her husband. She did not know where to go as she didn’t want to go to her own home. Suddenly the worst idea of finishing her life came into her mind and not minding the small life inside her sleeping peacefully unaware of this cruel world, she got a cheap rated poison (she had to decide among a variety of types in it!!!). Not even bothering to talk to her husband or think about a being yet to visit her place she drank it. It would have been better if she would have died. But unluckily one of her relatives saw her and admitted her in hospital and had saved her life. But in the process she had unknowingly spoiled whole of the system of the child. Even before he was born he had to accustom people using himself even without his permission.           
            But today he has escaped various theories of doctors that he may not be alive much to a combination of sadness and joy from his mother. His dad was very much excited and happy seeing his half-child (half the size of a normal child) and even his grandma was happy at him just because he was a male child. Even till date he doesn’t know the reason why male child was superior to a female one. He in fact felt girls were the most blessed creations of god as they had the freedom to cry and kiss whenever and wherever they wanted… but his moms single second of foolishness had left him completely out of control over his body. He could barely stand even at the age of three. Also it had created a heavy pulp to remain forever in his lungs removing which would mean life danger. Thus he was deprived of all the running, playing which his counterparts got though he got jus a bit of fresh air when his dad drove him in his cycle and in his bedroom’s window (as that was the only room in their house)...

to be continued.. after analysing appropriate comments:)


  1. Nice Start... Expecting still more.. All the best :)

  2. aboorva sakothararkal reedit maathiri theriuthe da

  3. @joe might be similarities here and there but the story itself is unique and different. u know wat one fan told me today that she is surprised that i wrote such a sad beginning...sometimes wat v give for others to see is not wat v actually r rit? u ll see a lot of tht here...wait and watch the plot unfold...


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