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Both ends of a knife - Part 2

              He was named Ram Kumar an year after his birth the delay mostly due to the fear whether he will withstand for a year. But ram was a true warrior right from his birth. He always tried to match his counterparts and mostly failed in vain, but somehow inside he knew he was winning himself. Ram was mostly alone and was found mostly with his best companion an old disassembled tape recorder. He was always trying to figure out why the wires were so twisted upon and tried to straighten them up, but as in his life things were never easy for him to figure out. At the age of three he was joined in a school where he got an admission in spite of his dancing legs just because of his witty speech where he compared his principal’s dress with a cheetah’s skin. Thus ram got his first entry into this society and he understood soon it was better not to mingle with it.
He was always crying when his dad and mom left him in the school not because of fear but because of missing sorely his mom’s laps and his best-companion and even now he misses them both a lot. He would sit in a corner chair and would keep examining a broken bench behind him thinking why they both were not fit to be among the group. But as even the darkest night has a star he too had a source of happiness… geetha. Geet as he called her later was a kind of girl seeing whom bhagat singh would have craved to be his daughter. It was not that she was brave as him but she was exactly the opposite…the kind of girl who would start screaming at her own shadow…:). She would come crying even more than ram and even ram would wonder how could a face turn so much pink? When ram used to cry his teacher would scare him saying “if you cry a tiger will come and eat you. It kills people who cry…” Though ram cared a damn about it as tiger was one of his favorite animals and he craved to see it more than his parents he used it as an intro creator with geet. When geet would be crying he would go slowly near her holding the chairs and sit next to her with a stiff face wiping away his tears and say to her the same dialogue which he was made to hear from his teacher. Though it first made her cry even more gradually fear overcame her cries and she would eventually stop and jus sat silently with him. As ram didn’t play much with his friends, geet was his only friend. Well even now ram relishes how he got a girlfriend in his kg itself while many are still trying…
               Geet and ram were almost inseparable till class five though they now had few more like akash, rohith and sruthi who understood ram well. Together they were a great group and though all except ram were normal ram was still the centre of attraction. One uncanny knack of ram was that there was nothing ram wouldn’t give a try. Even in class five ram was not able to run and all but was doing good with walking now and he didn care a damn about it as he always had geet to accompany him. Ram was not too great in his studies but he always managed to pass with a good grade despite him being a ‘burning the midnight oil’ kind of a guy. It was mainly because of geet. She was always among the top three in the class and always did the home works and assignments of ram. And according to ram she missed the first rank only due to him as he spent most of the evenings with her playing in her home. As ram couldn do much of outdoor games playing they both played all kinds of games within their room itself. They played cricket, tennis (with the same plastic bats and ball) and ram always enjoyed being with her. To him the whole world was jus his mom and geet the two wonderful, outstanding and equal matched creations of god...


  1. @everyone shouldn't i start applying for the post of serial director in sun tv? .:)

  2. Atukullayum girl friend ah? Konjam overa irukuda :)


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