Both ends of a knife (Part -4)

     It was then that happened. The thing that transforms a free careless girl into an ever-watchful woman, a man into a beast.I hope you all understand. Geet was never the same ever after. That was the first thing ram lost. His childish innocent geet. Their relationship was the never the same again.

Geet now started to feel shy even to see ram’s face and ram moved away from her not wanting to make her uncomfortable. Ram slowly got used to this life and he then got other friends and slowly but steadily geet sunk deep into his heart. The last time ram saw geet was during their final tenth exams. After that geet’s family had transferred to Mumbai. For the first time since his childhood ram was feeling lonely.
            Ram joined his high-school in a nearby area and a new school did nothing to console him but it did damp his spirits more and made him completely shy and fearful. His first few days or even months went by when his name was mentioned only during attendance. He always preferred the last row though his teachers made him choose the first bench more because of his diminutive size.  It was then that ram decided to renew his search for his geet. From now on let’s get into the story narrated by ram himself…

Hi friends!!! As I felt no one can play my part better than me I have decided to let out about my life myself. My life is not filled with myths and shocks like those of Oliver twist or mark twain, but truly I’ve had few some moments in my life which no one would have ever had in their dreams. Let’s continue with the story of my life. I was in eleventh std. My friends used to tell that at that age all girls you see appear gorgeous and many nights will be spent just by dreaming about them. But my case was different. The only dream I had was playing carom with my geet and just walking with her with my cycle in a long lonely road without even speaking a word…sound a lot comical right? But thats me. 
         But the worst part that this dream came to me only in physics classes and my physics was a truly horror one to be with. Every five minutes she (our mam) would get a doubt for which she never knew the solution but she expected us to answer it. I was the one to stand up and face her most of the time. I would just stand up and not even bothering to answer the questions just keep staring at her. She would then shout at me the question again and I can assure you that driving inside your head with a nailing machine is lot better than hearing her brawl in close range. But just then a breeze blew near my ears and I could hear a sweet husky voice trying to tell me something. Though the voice was related to the question I was never listening to what she told but only on her voice. It was niki. Niki was the nick name for nikitha one of the most gorgeous cute, small angel of the class (that’s what many of my class mates believed…).  But I didn’t have the damn courage even to look up at her face even once. But her voice was truly worth hearing.  The first time I looked at her properly was during a music fest in our school. During functions I usually find myself a place close a wall and mostly enjoy prolonged naps under cool breeze of few huge trees which our school boasted off. It was her voice that woke me up that day I couldn’t help but listen intently to her. She was singing a song called ‘evano oruvan’ from a Tamil movie called ‘alaipayuthe’. Our stupid mam however asked her to stop in the middle itself as cinema songs were not allowed as a part of our school culture. Niki was embarrassed and I unknowingly got furious.
 I went to the stage took the mike much to the surprise of my friends and started singing an old school prayer which was in kannada. Many there couldn’t understand the meaning which didn’t surprise me because I myself didn’t know the meaning..:). But then surprisingly after I finished it I found heavy claps and the most astonishing part was that I got the first place too. When they gave a certificate for that I could see niki also clapping for me but still sober. At the end of school that day I went upto niki when she was in cycle stand. I had rehearsed the whole day about this particular moment. But all that was not futile. I stammered a lot and finally called her name well within myself, but somehow she too managed to hear it and turned at me. Though she was quizzed about why I called she as usual managed a smile which I reciprocated with a face like that of a donkey. That turned the smile in her face to a laugh. She told congrats to me and told I sang well. Huh… I felt happier than the time I got my prize. Then suddenly she herself asked why I called her. I almost forget in the midst of being on cloud nine from her praise that I came to her for a separate reason. I slowly went upto her and gave her a medal which I had received and told,” I think this is yours geet…”. Yes. I called her geet and that surprised me more than her. She backed herself a bit and said,” No no, you deserve it…”. I wanted to say I never knew I could sing before today and that I sang only for her. But words failed me and I just kept looking at her and unknowingly I said I wish I were close to you… after saying it I really got feared how she would take it. I let my head down. But again the usual sweet voice said,” I too wished the same…”. I have heard people say few moments define and refine a person’s life and it was one such moment..


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