Both ends of a knife - 11

I had never been to Andaman in my whole life and the only two things that I heard about Andaman was the jail and earthquakes. So decided its gonna be a boring tour out there. Though i was reminded many times before i left that its a training, I preferred referring it to as tour. Niki's dad smiled at me and i found the reason a little later. I reached there through flight, no guess for the fact that Niki's dad was the sponsor. I was not officially into the mission yet, so accomplishments. The first thing or rather the only thing I noticed about Andaman was the water. Its one more place where water lives around you rather than you living around water else where..:) I was made to wait in airport for an hour before an animal came and took my bags and me. I refer the person as animal not because of disrespect. If there is any animal that would match him, it could only be a cheetah waiting to pounce upon its prey. He was around 6.5 height and would weigh approximately hundred and as most of well built would prefer he wore a tight round neck t-shirt that was just about tear as his biceps flexed when he took my bag. He didn bother to tell his name but knew my name as Nik. He took me in a jeep that was covered in all directions. He didn talk much in the whole journey that we took that was about 30mins. His eyes were always keen and sharp, it never appeared to blink, his neck had a scar that would been a result of operation. Thought someone broke his neck for being so stiff..:)

I was taken to an old house that had little in common with the city. There were very few houses around and even those were far apart from each other. The first thing that i noticed in that house was how small it was but still how asthetic. The exteriors of the house were light bluish in colour and the interiors near white. The floor was just concrete. The walls were covered with wonderful paintings. There were around five paintings in the hall itself, each presenting thousand stories of its own. The first one was a calm hut with a hush green grass cover around it and with a couple of coconut trees on either side, behind was the morning orange rays of the sun that slowly dawned upon the hut and in one corner of the hut was a sole boat with a fisherman trying to push it and in front of the hut was a woman most likely his wife whose face presented the most prefect blend of joy and pain. Joy to keep her guy motivated, pain praying to god that he should return unscathed from the typically violent cum calm sea. That really brought back memories of Niki holding shyam in her hands and bidding adieu to me. Shyam had no problems with Niki whatsoever and infact became more close to her much to my jealousy. I couldn't help but think how my mom would have felt if she were alive....


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