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Both Ends of a Knife - 7

After i did my 12th, there was no intention in my mind to continue studies. Plainly because we were feeding on ajay and it was bit awkward though he treated us like his sons. I spoke about it to ajay one day and he felt I was partly right. He was more in favour of the western culture where youngsters go in search of their life after they do their basic schooling. So he told me that i should not stop studying but start searching for a side income so that i don't feel awkward staying as unpaid guest but also move away from these unwanted distractions(by all means he meant niki). Its not that he was against love, but he felt my age was not right for it and i was not mentally ready for it. I wished to tell him that to some Love is an experience in life and to few like me, love is the elixir of life. How can i tell him that it is niki because of whom i am able to bear all losses and all talks behind me. My brother shyam was just two years old and i looked more like a dad to him and even he was fond of her..:). Niki by the way was the school second topper and she cried more for missing the first place by a whisker, it was truly a whisker one mark. But to her it meant an achievement, a sense of satisfaction, glory. I felt may be even i could be the distraction or reason for the huge loss of one mark..:) So didn't talk to her for two days and after that she got ok...That was the first time i realised in my life that certain problems will dissolve themselves over a period of time and there is no need for us to break our heads over it. Then we applied in various colleges. Niki no doubts got in BITS Pilani and i was left in bits and pieces :(.  No Worries. Her future was equally important and she took a sense of pride in her education. So i left that topic unopened.  I had no chance even to get a clerk job there, so i didn't even try for it. So we decided that for just 4 years(thats how niki mentioned it, mind u i thought of telling her thats its 4 X 365 X 24 hours. I could not calculate the value so left it without telling...). One more issue if Niki studied here was her dad. He worked in CBI. I didn't like the idea of being chased by CBI for two main i was not worth a CBI search, two i didn't want her studies to be spoilt and i didn't care about mine anyways. So she left to BITS and I joined an arts college and took Bsc.Computer Science.

        The week after niki left, it was like a month actually coz i missed her a lot, one day i got a call up from the college office room in the middle of my class. I developed the usual habit at college of missing at least three classes out of the five hours..:) I used to sit almost 8 hrs in my school, but somehow a single hour in college was difficult..:) I thanked god that i was present in class on that day or else at least fifteen proxy cases would have been detected if i was not in class. But one thing i don't like about god  is as and when i thank god, he brings up something and make me curse him. That day when i went into the office room, the first thing i saw was niki's dad Ramanarayan waiting there. Don't confuse him with the unofficial animal director of tamil cinema ramanarayanan who is animal director not for his animating direction but for the number of animals he used in his movies and the different kind of costumes he used for them. Think he was against nudity of all sorts..:) Niki was happy when she choose me coz she can have the same initial even after marriage, or may be she choose me for that !!! (Girls usually foresee a lot of things that we don't, coz we are more focused in foreseeing them...). Now jokes apart, coming back to the action scene, i thought niki's dad could have seen any mails that i sent or any messages or at least the IMU (I miss you) cards that i sent her. But i didn't panic and then mainly attributes to the looks of her dad. He was seriously non-police material. He was more off as a manager in some company, but thats how took people for CBI i assumed, coz they have to look normal and do abnormal things..:) The office anna just told me that someone has come to meet me as if i don't know and then her dad had a few words with the office staff and asked me come over with him for a while. I felt like a goat taken to the butcher shop...


  1. Second part beginning itself is very interesting.. hope the same continues in coming parts....


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