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Displaying Images in Openbravo

A picture speaks thousand words. True, often an image of an girl speaks more than her resumes..:) (just stole the thoughts from an HR. I am not part of any anti-women community., in fact I am one from the opposite community..:)  ) .Images are one of the key features of any ERP System. Specially in a feature rich application like Openbravo, images would add more beauty to the window..:) Openbravo provides a table called ad_image that saved image in the form of binary data or in the form of URL. Now in general when you want the reference data from some other table in Openbravo, we use the tabledir to provide direct table mapping or table reference to reference data.But in the case of ad_image table if you reference it as tabledir, it just comes as a dropdown as attached below. Show all
    But that does not show the true power of the image table. To display an image in the grid view and pen view, the "reference" type of the respective column should be set as "Image BLOB&q…