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Working with postgres and tomcat in ubuntu

well to people who have been through ubuntu, executing applications in ubuntu via terminal might sound easy but its not the same case for the windows users. so considering the tomcat and postges are there in your system, lets see how to execute them.
1. postgres: postgres by default resides in the port 5432 and unless and until you have modified that, the command remains the same everywhere. so open the terminal and use the following command
sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 start
note: the version 8.4 might not be the version that you installed. so use the version number. and first try without giving sudo. if an error "permission denied" comes up, then use sudo. sodu command is to upgrade yourself to the root user or admin for that operation alone. for stopping postgres just replace start with stop.

2. tomcat: for tomcat, usually the  folder reside in the usr/local folder if u install through the synoptic package manager, but i usually download the source from tomcat and the…