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Openbravo 2.50 shortcuts

hi all,
       I have been working with Openbravo for quite a while and with fairness to all the other ERP's, Openbravo is a good look and feel providing ERP. I used "good look and feel" instead of "good user interface" because User interface is the ease with which the customers acquaint themselves with the application. In that sense the last that a guy who is recording a sales order would want is the mouse. Its such a world that every little second delay could rob you off a customer. With a feature rich application like Openbravo lots of navigations is required. Though the developers dont feel the delay, the customers are robbed off quite a few vital seconds. This is where the shortcuts come into place. well...not all are required for all, some meant at developers alone and others at the customer alone, but may be getting used to the basic ones will save a lot of dwell time for both.

– CTRL+M - move the focus to the menu
– CTRL+Shift+M - expand or collapse t…