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My First Novel

Writing or story telling was a passion to me way back in my life. Well, there is no future for writers specially in countries in India where books are time wasters basically. that along with my family pressure to earn made me stop writting books and verses (கவிதைகள்). But now i have reached a point where i need certain relaxation to my life and i found solace in story writing. I began writin my first novel, but was not sure how to get it across to you all. If i write more than ten lines itself no one reads it, so ebook surely wont work. Then thought blogs are the best place to release that. I wanted to do something different and thats the reason why this unique idea of publishing a novel part by part came up to me. I expect you all to read it, comment it, encourage me or at least thrash it. Well my world has mostly revovled around my friends and i am sure you all will be with me in this comic yet brave attempt. Fasten your seat belt guys...the journey begins from tomorrow...:)