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The Jabulani Effect

I was out for a team lunch sometime back just at the group stages of the '10 Fifa world cup and one of our directors mentioned that some consultants who analyzed the stocks and various other features had predicted England to win the world cup. I told him just one thing, England are a gr8 team but still they chock at important times, on the other hand Spain is one team that will go all the way, because they do a lot of short passes and often have possession and create chances. The reason why I surely said that is because of this one word,”Jabulani”. It sounds more like one of the punishments provided to bad people in the tamil movie anniyan, but actually its the name of the official world cup ball. This world cup will be remembered more because the nature of the ball decided the victorious beholder. The jabulani was peculiar at long balls. When the ball was lofted it often changed angle at the last moment. Even maradona who was one of the greats of the game, or even the greatest of…

Both ends of a knife - Part 2

He was named Ram Kumar an year after his birth the delay mostly due to the fear whether he will withstand for a year. But ram was a true warrior right from his birth. He always tried to match his counterparts and mostly failed in vain, but somehow inside he knew he was winning himself. Ram was mostly alone and was found mostly with his best companion an old disassembled tape recorder. He was always trying to figure out why the wires were so twisted upon and tried to straighten them up, but as in his life things were never easy for him to figure out. At the age of three he was joined in a school where he got an admission in spite of his dancing legs just because of his witty speech where he compared his principal’s dress with a cheetah’s skin. Thus ram got his first entry into this society and he understood soon it was better not to mingle with it.
He was always crying when his dad and mom left him in the school not because of fear but because of missing sorely his mom’s l…