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Both ends of a knife (Part -3 )

Now the time he spent in his home was really little where he slept in the nights after his dinner which also many days he finished in geet’s home itself. His dad was in a mnc but in the D-grade which meant he had to work lot to run the family. So ram never got to talk to him or play with him and they were together only when he took them for beach or cinema. And ram was afraid of him because the only time he spoke much with him was when he had to get his progress card signed. With all his hard work and troubles the only results his dad expected was ram’s marks. So he was naturally disappointed always at ram’s marks. It took many years for ram to realize his feelings but by that time it was bit too late.

Ram also always had the habit of trying to please all. He always thought and believed he can make anyone happy as he was not much happy about the way his life was going. After ram had reached eighth grade the friendship between him and geet was put under scrutiny by some of his fellow ma…