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Both ends of a knife (Part -4)

It was then that happened. The thing that transforms a free careless girl into an ever-watchful woman, a man into a beast.I hope you all understand. Geet was never the same ever after. That was the first thing ram lost. His childish innocent geet. Their relationship was the never the same again.

Geet now started to feel shy even to see ram’s face and ram moved away from her not wanting to make her uncomfortable. Ram slowly got used to this life and he then got other friends and slowly but steadily geet sunk deep into his heart. The last time ram saw geet was during their final tenth exams. After that geet’s family had transferred to Mumbai. For the first time since his childhood ram was feeling lonely.
            Ram joined his high-school in a nearby area and a new school did nothing to console him but it did damp his spirits more and made him completely shy and fearful. His first few days or even months went by when his name was mentioned only during attendance. He always prefe…