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My Dance1

I have never been a great dancer in my life, but i love dancing and love to dance to big audiences and at a big stage.I really can't dance when there is no crowd before me. I love the butterfly flying in my stomach whenever i see large audience and to perform before them. I have only three of my dance videos with me and i have shared one in this blog. This was in my MCA first year in Anna University and in the large Vivekanda Auditorium. The occasion was the Annual Alumini Meet. True the audi was not completely full but neither was completely empty. People were just back after lunch and our performance was the indicator whether they ll enjoy or sleep through the rest of the day. I cant boast much, but i can assure you that they did not sleep..:) Well the dancer dancing with me is Lawrence, my class mate, best friend and one of the persons due to whom i did that performance. We actually decided v would dance only the nit before and practiced from nit 2-5. There was on more classmat…