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Both Ends of a Knife - 5

Though we were great friends we mostly met only in school and not anywhere else. But that day she herself asked whether I could take her out for a movie. I was shocked first. But then we decided upon it and I along with four of my friends including her and a girl went to mayajaal. We got tickets for a Hindi movie called ‘rab ne bana di jodi’ (god has made a pair…I wish I too made). As you all expected we both sat next to each other and truly the a/c in the hall was taking its toll on us. She was in a sky blue salwar and couldn’t help but keep watching her. I even told her that but she thought I was teasing her and punched me in my shoulders and continued watching the movie. Ouch, I jus then felt the pain in my heart..:). It was too cold and she was slowly holding my hand that was then too warm at the sudden feeling of love in my heart. She was barely three centimeters away from me and it was extremely difficult to concentrate even on the king srk. I was about to talk to he…