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Both Ends of a Knife - 7

After i did my 12th, there was no intention in my mind to continue studies. Plainly because we were feeding on ajay and it was bit awkward though he treated us like his sons. I spoke about it to ajay one day and he felt I was partly right. He was more in favour of the western culture where youngsters go in search of their life after they do their basic schooling. So he told me that i should not stop studying but start searching for a side income so that i don't feel awkward staying as unpaid guest but also move away from these unwanted distractions(by all means he meant niki). Its not that he was against love, but he felt my age was not right for it and i was not mentally ready for it. I wished to tell him that to some Love is an experience in life and to few like me, love is the elixir of life. How can i tell him that it is niki because of whom i am able to bear all losses and all talks behind me. My brother shyam was just two years old and i looked more like a dad to him and eve…