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Both ends of the knife - 8

We drove in his car, it was Hyundai Accent, the car i dreamt of owing some day, but somehow decided otherwise today. I felt an ego burning inside me. I didn't want to give her what her dad had already given her. She used to always boast to me about how good her dad was to her and how she always got what she wanted, nothing more or nothing less. Whenever i hear such talks i hear a sense of jealousy inside me, coz i wanted her to be even happy only because of me. That’s my nature. I am really really possessive about her, coz i don't possess anything else in this world. So decided it had to be a benz. Well all these apart, I have still having butterflies under my stomach coz i saw a brand new gun under his shirt. I thought he might have bought it today just to finish me off. And after around half an hour we stopped at a old guest house. A typically setup for a typical ending i thought.
            All along the journey I never spoke with him nor did he. We both kept he…