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Both Ends of a Knife - 9

He finished his beer and I had also done with my mountain dew and just then I was wondering why he brought me in the middle of the class and telling me all this past history. I decided may be they were work friends and he wanted to help me out financially. The whole idea of being pitied by and being helped by my lover’s dad was little awkward for me. I thought of standing up and leaving when he saw me once again. But this time i saw a completely different face of him. His eyes were wet. I repeat. HIS EYES WERE WET. I never thought he had room for emotions let alone crying in his life. But today, for the first time in my life, i pitied him. Crying didn’t suit him. I just saw him. I wanted to tell him not to cry and above all ask him the reason why his eyes were wet. It didn’t occur to me that time that too much of beer could also wet one’s eyes (that i learn't a little later). He looked at me and said i wish i could have saved your dad from them...What do y…