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Both ends of the knife - 10

Writer’s Note:
              First of all sorry to all my readers who have been following my blog faithfully for the delay in the story. I was caught up with couple of technical issues that prevented me from posting the novel for a while. Past is past. Here I am back again with a bang...:)  “Both ends of a knife” is not just another novel that I write for name, fame or time-pass. It’s my dream, a vision that has taken long years to take shape. Each word and each character has been through my mind at least hundred times before I present it to you. You readers are special to me and this story is my small dedication to you. Lets get back to the story…a small synopsis; ram has just become agent Nik to take revenge on people who killed his dad and also threatening to do the same to the Nation. And we are hearing everything through Ram’s eyes.

              Life after I became Nik was not always the same. It was something different and finally I knew I had a purpose to live. But for the cause…