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Both ends of a knife - 11

I had never been to Andaman in my whole life and the only two things that I heard about Andaman was the jail and earthquakes. So decided its gonna be a boring tour out there. Though i was reminded many times before i left that its a training, I preferred referring it to as tour. Niki's dad smiled at me and i found the reason a little later. I reached there through flight, no guess for the fact that Niki's dad was the sponsor. I was not officially into the mission yet, so accomplishments. The first thing or rather the only thing I noticed about Andaman was the water. Its one more place where water lives around you rather than you living around water else where..:) I was made to wait in airport for an hour before an animal came and took my bags and me. I refer the person as animal not because of disrespect. If there is any animal that would match him, it could only be a cheetah waiting to pounce upon its prey. He was around 6.5 height and would weigh approximately hundred and as…