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ODI's are still alive

Last week was enthralling and an awe inspiring week for all cricket fans specially from the sub continent. First was the battle of the power houses. The No.1 team in test cricket(India) vs The No.1 team in ODI(Australia). It was a shame that it was reduced to a 2 test series, but the excitement it proved made us even more thirsty for even more. Both the test went down the wire and it all came down to the individual brilliance of Laxman, Ishant (Test 1) and Sachin, Pujara(Test 2). But not to forget the technical and tactical acumen of dhoni that not only won us the series but provided aussies a white wash, a wound that will take a lot of time to heal.

Next in line was the Bangladesh-New Zealand ODI series. Not only this made the world turn around bangladesh when they wrapped up the series 3-0, but made the world believe they are becoming a world class team by completing a 4-0 white wash which will forever be recorded in history as one of their all time achievements, way to go bangladesh…