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Swimming the Corporate Ocean..:)

Being a new bee to the corporate world I had no clue how this world was functioning. The pros who were already there told it was a con world. Let me bring you a jist what I was adviced so that you can also take it or thrash it and learn by your own experience..:). It was worse than the worsest(forgive me for my stupid word, but tats how worse it is..:) ). Talents and brilliance are worth tissue papers in rest rooms here and what matters here is how much you sell yourself.  You should be able to sell yourself to your boss, sell yourself to every other shitting creature around without whose help you are just worth the shit you are. Beyond all this you should work a little just to show you are working..:). These are all secondary adjustments someone new to this industry has to make. But first thing first, HR.

Lot like me think HR in offices are for nothing but wasting time and energy. But the pros told me they were worth lot more crap than that. They run the office. They form the rules an…