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Openbravo works with Postgres 9.0 !!!

I was quite fascinated with the hype around postgres 9.0 that competes itself with Oracle and other proprietary servers. So i decided to test it out myself. I did not have the big heart to install it in my ubuntu that already runs 8.4, so installed it in my windows. I usually don't use windows for Openbravo development. Reason: I was conditioned ubuntu is the preferred environment for Openbravo. But then seeing Postgres 9.0 and pgadmin in fullswing, I could not  resist myself from installing the development stack for Openbravo in ubuntu. It was child's play for me in ubuntu as I had installed at least 10-20 copies of it already. But in windows7 its a different story all together. For the first time i thought ubuntu is easier than windows to configure. After 2 days of struggle, all i could have was Openbravo deployed in server in false mode..:). I knew it was the issue with space allocation, but not sure where to resolve. Then I read in some blog that when we run the Tomcatw e…