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Openbravo Environment Setup in Eclipse

I have been using Openbravo for about an year now and what I noticed is that its a big jungle to get into first. You have to learn all about Ubuntu (the preferred platform), then setting up the stack viz, Java, Postgres, PgAdmin(GUI of postgres), Tomcat, Ant, Openbravo, Pentaho(BI tool), etc etc...A good play ground to dig and play, but you can be rest assured your suits wont go unscathed more often than not. This is where you need a good dig tool and IDE's are just for that task.  Though my personal favorite IDE is Netbeans, Eclipse is the preferred environment for Openbravo, so I decided to go through that route..:)

I went through  a lot of hardships, but nevertheless the result was satisfying and i wanted to bring you that. There is a Eclipse installation Manual (, but I can assure you that with that link, its bound to take you at least 2 days to…