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Performance Enhancement in Ubuntu 10.04

I am using ubuntu for an while now and over the last few months and I find that the performance of my system has been drastically reduced. I know its more because of improper system management than hardware ineffectiveness (mine is a 2gb ram with 160gb hard disk). If it were windows it would have been simple..:) Run disk defragment, %prefetch%, %temp%, temp in cmd and delete all temporary files. But ubuntu is more fun, because you don't employ some tool to do the job that you should bend yourself and do..:) So here is the list of things that i did in order to increase the performance of my Ubuntu System.

1.Prelink:               Go to Synaptic Package Manager and search for 'prelink' and you will find  a single app. install that and then come over to terminal and edit the following file, /etc/default/prelink
i.e give
gksu gedit /etc/default/prelink
and in the file that opens up, change the PRELINKING=unknown to PRELINKING=yes.
This will help in prelinking applications, ena…