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Swimming the corporate ocean - 3 : "Colleagues"

Hi All, hope my first two parts was well appreciated (I did not receive any brickbats, that is my idea of appreciation..:) ). I was thinking about what to write next and then suddenly in the midst of the office, I found the answer, "Colleagues". I am pretty carefully using the term colleagues because they may or may not be your friends. WARNING : This may and may not can change on a day to day basis or in most probabilities, appraisal periods..:). To me, IT is all about resources, and not humans. And at the end of the day what the organisation wants is the best resource and not the best human being around. This what causes the change between the may and may nots.

               There are two kinds of colleagues you often see. Lets see the kind whom we want more. I remember seeing Ice Age the other day, and in a scene where the mammoth almost dies but saves the tiger, the tiger asks the mammoth, "Why did you save me ? you could have lost your life in the …