Postgresql database configuration for global access

Openbravo ERP supports  couple of database like Oracle and PostgreSql. But my inclination is for PostgreSql database, because it is Opensource, and has almost all features of an Enterprise level RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). For more information on PostgreSql, refer here. For installation of PostgreSql on Ubuntu, refer here and for Windows, you can download from here. You can also refer a more expanded version of the same from here.
Installing PostgreSql is pretty easy and there is tool pgAdmin that will further simplify the use of the database. By default, PostgreSql will be mapped to your localhost, but for accessing it across Systems and for connecting to other PostgreSql database listening across various Systems, couple of configurations are to be done. I have presented the configuration steps in Ubuntu and it is nearly the same in Windows machine also. Just that the folders will be little different.
Step 1 : Modifying pg_hba.conf
  • Type the following commands in the Terminal.
1cd /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/
3sudo gedit pg_hba.conf
  • This will open the pg_hba.conf configuration file in text editor. The pg_hba.conf file controls which hosts are allowed to connect, how clients are authenticated, which PostgreSql user names they can use, which databases they can access. There will be values like,
  • In the Method, the values will be ident by default. We have to change all ‘ident’ to ‘md5′ because md5 sends encrypted passwords.
  • Under the heading IPV4 local connections, we should add rows for IP values that can be connected to our System. For that we have to provide the IP addresses that we want to connect. By default, the value will be which is the localhost. If we provide it will be available for connections to all Systems.
  • Though the connections are available for all Systems, you have to map which addresses the database should listen on. This is configured in postgresql.conf. That configuration is presented below.
Step 2: Modifying postgresql.conf
  • Type the following commands in the Terminal.
    • sudo gedit pg_hba.conf
  • This configuration file is read on server startup and when the server receives a SIGHUP signal.  If you edit the file on a running system, you have to SIGHUP the server for the changes to take effect, or use “pg_ctl reload”.
  • Under Connection Settings, there will be  a value for Listen Address. This provides us the information about what IP address(es) to listen on.
  • By default this value will be, listen_addresses = ‘localhost’, we have to modify it to listen_addresses = ‘*’.There will be  ’#’ before this line. # character is used for commenting. So for this changes to take place, you have to uncomment it by removing the ‘#’ character.
You have to restart the PostgreSql database for these changes to take effect. Keep me posted here, if you have any doubts in this regard.
Happy Working..:)


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