Tree Structure for Custom Windows in Openbravo

Generating Tree Structure is a great innovative feature that is present in OpenbravoERP. If you are wondering what it looks like, refer to Organization window in the Client Mode or the Menu Window in System Admin mode. There will be an icon called Tree in the Toolbar. Click on that and you will see something similar to the screen shot below.
This functionality will find its use in most places where there is a hierarchy to be shown and segregations are to be visualized. One more appreciably feature is that you can drag and drop the items and rearrange it. Doesn’t it sound really cool to you? I was really excited to test this out for the custom windows and with the help of Wiki, Forge and of course my colleague, I was able to create a tree similar to the one shown above for a custom window called ‘Department’. I have attached a screen shot of my tree below.
This feature is really helpful in lot of cases. I have shared the sequence of steps that I followed that enabled me to create such a structure.
1.    Create a new table for storing the tree nodes. Eg: XYZ_treenodedp
2.    Add logic in the Department Table to insert values in XYZ_treenodedp and the corresponding delete logic also. Refer Organisation table trigger for more information.
3.    Add a new entry in the list reference ad_treetype. Eg: Search key: XYZ_DP Name: Department
4.    Create a new entry in Tree and Node Image window both in System administrator and desired client admin. Eg. Name: Primary Department Tree type: Department in System Administrator and Name: F&B International Admin Department Tree Type: Department in F&B International Admin.
5.    Add a new column in ad_clientinfo. Eg: em_XYZ_tree_department
6.    Update and set the value for the em_XYZ_tree_department field as the client's tree entry. Eg: In F&B International Admin, Set the value as 'F&B International Admin Department.
7.    Set the field 'Tree Included' to Yes in Fields Tab. Eg: In Department window
8.    Modify the following files.
8.1    src/org/openbravo/erpCommon/utility/
8.2    src/org/openbravo/erpCommon/utility/WindowTree_data.xsql
8.3    src/org/openbravo/erpCommon/utility/
Make the following Modifications
  • In, add the following lines in checkSpecificChanges() Method.
else if (TreeType.equals("XYZ_DP")) { //Department result = ""; }
In, add the following lines in getTreeType() Method.
else if (keyColumnName.equals("XYZ_Department_ID")) TreeType = "XYZ_DP";
 In, add the following lines in getTree() Method.
else if (TreeType.equals("XYZ_DP")) data = WindowTreeData.selectDepartment(conn, vars.getUser(), strEditable, strParentID,  strNodeId, TreeID);
  • In, add the following lines in setNode() Method.
else if (TreeType.equals("XYZ_DP")) WindowTreeData.updateDP(conn, vars.getUser(), strParentID, strSeqNo, TreeID, strLink);
  •  In WindowTree_data.xsql, add two new sql methods to select and update the tree nodes.
<SqlMethod name="updateDP" type="preparedStatement" return="rowCount"> <SqlMethodComment></SqlMethodComment> <Sql> UPDATE XYZ_TREENODEDP SET UPDATED=now(), UPDATEDBY = ?,                 PARENT_id = ?, SEQNO=TO_NUMBER(?)   WHERE AD_TREE_ID = ? AND NODE_ID = ? </Sql> <Parameter name="updatedby"/> <Parameter name="parentId"/> <Parameter name="seqno"/> <Parameter name="adTreeId"/> <Parameter name="nodeId"/> </SqlMethod> <SqlMethod name="selectDepartment" type="preparedStatement" return="multiple"> <SqlMethodComment></SqlMethodComment> <Sql> SELECT tn.Node_ID,tn.Parent_ID,tn.SeqNo,tb.IsActive,                             m.XYZ_Department_ID AS ID, m.Name,m.Description,m.IsSummary FROM XYZ_TreeNodedp tn left join AD_TreeBar tb on                         tn.AD_Tree_ID=tb.AD_Tree_ID AND tn.Node_ID=tb.Node_ID AND tb.AD_User_ID  = ? , XYZ_Department m WHERE tn.Node_ID = m.XYZ_Department_ID AND tn.AD_Tree_ID = ? ORDER BY COALESCE(tn.Parent_ID, '-1'), tn.SeqNo </Sql> <Parameter name="adUserId"/> <Parameter name="editable" optional="true" type="none" after="WHERE "                 text="tn.IsActive='Y' AND m.isActive='Y' AND "/> <Parameter name="parentId" optional="true" after="WHERE " text="tn.Parent_ID = ?             AND "/> <Parameter name="nodeId" optional="true" after="WHERE " text="tn.Node_ID = ?             AND "/> <Parameter name="adTreeId"/> </SqlMethod>
Get back to me for any doubts in this regards... Happy Working.... 


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