Changing Timezone in Postgresql, Ubuntu

Timezone and locale are integral concepts that one should be aware of when implementing a System. For example. if you create a database in PostgreSql, it will use the default System settings for the database. Lets say you have a server in UK and your client is US. If the client tries to retrieve the current date or time, it is going to show the UK time and not the US one.
Today I encountered a different issue in our client place where the Ubuntu timezone and PostgreSql timezone were showing a incorrect values. Instead of Indian Standard Time (IST) it was showing Pacific Daylight Time(PDT). These are the steps that I followed to change the timezone to IST in PostgreSql and Ubuntu.
Changing timezone in Ubuntu:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
You will be prompted to choose the continent and then the area. Provided screen shots where we configure the location.
Use TAB key to navigate to the OK button and then press Enter.

The changes will get reflected immediately. To check it you can open a new terminal and type 'date'. The output is provided below.

Changing timezone in PostgreSql Database:
1. Select the name of the timzone you want to set.

SELECT * FROM pg_timezone_names

2. Update the corresponding timezone, in my case 'Asia/Kolkata'.
ALTER DATABASE postgres SET timezone TO 'Asia/Kolkata';
3. Use Select now() to check the current timezone setting.

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