Using shell script for day today functions

Yesterday I wrote a post about creating a basic shell script. Today I will present a sample file that I use daily and how it could be more useful. As soon as I open my system, these are the applications that I start.
1. Google Chrome : First Gmail, cricinfo and then hootsuite (my social network client)
2. Thunderbird : My Email Client for official mails
3. Apcahe Tomcat
4. Folders

I use my shell script to do all these tasks at a single command (or even double-click which I usually do not prefer..;) )
This is how my shell script looks:

echo "Starting Apps"
google-chrome &
echo "Chrome Started"
thunderbird &
echo "Thunderbird Started"
sudo /home/shaan/apache/bin/
echo "Tomcat Started"

Note after google-chrome i use space separator for opening multiple tabs in chrome.  Cool isn't it? Write back to me what all shell scripts you use in your daily life.

Happy Working..:)


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