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Swimming the Corporate Ocean -3 : Sleeping with a Moron

Hi to all my corporate friends !!! Hope you are all enjoying your existence in this corporate domain. I was at peace over the past few months and due to my work, could not concentrate on what others are doing around. But over the past month, I have had enough content to write. I was thinking whether disclosing those would be professionally correct as it might hurt the sentiments of many like it did hurt mine, but then decided not disclosing and warning each one of you would be well, ethically wrong.

In the run for power and money, there is one aspect of life that we almost shred together. We have almost forgot the word Compassion. Just think through this, you are hurrying in your vehicle to an all important meeting with a big client. Just along the road, you see someone tripping over their bike and falling right before your eyes. How many of you can say from your heart that you will go and lift that guy up even if it means missing/delaying your all important meet? I was thinking abou…

How to install Java 1.7.0 in Ubuntu 11.10

OhHeyItsLou Tutorials: How to install Java 1.7.0 in Ubuntu 11.10: If you would like to use Oracle's proprietary Java over what comes with most Linux Distributions openJDK you can remove the openJDK by e...