Swimming the Corporate Ocean -3 : Sleeping with a Moron

Hi to all my corporate friends !!! Hope you are all enjoying your existence in this corporate domain. I was at peace over the past few months and due to my work, could not concentrate on what others are doing around. But over the past month, I have had enough content to write. I was thinking whether disclosing those would be professionally correct as it might hurt the sentiments of many like it did hurt mine, but then decided not disclosing and warning each one of you would be well, ethically wrong.

In the run for power and money, there is one aspect of life that we almost shred together. We have almost forgot the word Compassion. Just think through this, you are hurrying in your vehicle to an all important meeting with a big client. Just along the road, you see someone tripping over their bike and falling right before your eyes. How many of you can say from your heart that you will go and lift that guy up even if it means missing/delaying your all important meet? I was thinking about this and one thing that did came into my mind was, I did it once already. I was late for a office training and I did not help some one who fell just 10 feet ahead of me. Shame. I could not sleep for 2 days. The accident was not too serious. It was just minor bruises. But still...I found it really hard that I had turned so heartless and its my work that made me this way. Is all this money,recognition more worth than a life? Think again...But its just not this that I wanted to write in this blog.

More than becoming heartless, we have become men who feel getting things done though a shortcut is what many term as SMARTWORK in the industry. I should say that it is an utterly absurd assumption and what many do is termed as cheating in the real world. Yes, it is cheating and even I have done it.

Let me take you through few scenarios and let you yourself decide what we should term them.

1. There are 2 developers X and Y who have just been assigned to a project. And they both are given an equal task of completing a module. Both the developers took 2 days, searched all over the Internet (of course Internet has become a synonym for Google) and then X manages to complete the code all by himself. The Team Lead appreciates him and asks him not to divulge this information to Y so as to let him try and may be find out a new solution out of the block. So when Y asks X whether he has completed the code, he replies in the negative. Somehow all of a sudden the very next day Y also completes the code. The Team Lead becomes too happy that Y managed to complete it by himself. But upon scrutiny of the code, he finds that Y used the same code as X. How did that happen? This Y guessing fully that X has completed the code, went through the project management tool that they use in common and took the code which X had sent to the Team Lead. Would you pat a back on Y and say “What a brilliance?” or think “How Embarrassing?”.

2. Developers X and Y are assigned to do a common task. X completes some section of the code. When the team lead comes up and asks for the status, Y informs they both combined and did the items. X is little skeptical,but leaves it because it’s a team’s work. Then after a couple of days, Y completes a task. When updating the status, Y informs that “I” completed this set of code and I did all this research, etc...In essence, Y managed to screw up one week’s work of X. Is this your so called, “smartwork” ?

The New year is looming and I think its a nice time to reflect on such things and make sure you do not do this further. And I am sure you are wondering what the title “Sleeping with a Moron” has any effect with the post. Well, YOU ARE THE MORON. You can cheat the world, colleagues, anyone, but at the end of the day, your conscience is going to prick you for making it “Sleep with a Moron”.



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