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Database Development Perspective in Eclipse for Openbravo,Postgres

Eclipse IDE is a great tool for Development and specially for development for an ERP like Openbravo. Also Eclipse Provides many plug ins that could make the development even easier. There are many perspectives provided in Eclipse. (Refer Screen shot below)
Lets see about the Database Development Perspective in this Blog. Database Development Perspective allows us to connect to database directly, export data as files, import data, query, etc... To connect your Openbravo postgresql database, these are the steps to be performed. 1. Choose Database Development from the available list of perspectives.
2. Create a new Connection and connect the driver to database. Refer the following screen shots.

3. In the Driver definition, choose your host and database name, the database field can be anything (column1), it does not matter. Its just the name that will show in Eclipse.
4. Once this is done, your eclipse will be as below.
Under Schemas, you will have public that will have the tables and fu…