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Purpose of Application Element in Openbravo

Hi All,
           Application Element is one really cool feature in Openbravo, that I managed to get hold of after a while. But still I feel there is no special interest shown on application element till now. So I just wanted to share the importance and the influence of the application elements as it will cause lots of problems if not handled properly.

            Application Element is mainly used for Re-Usability. It will actually reduce lots of our development time when handled properly. Whenever we create a new column, the synchronize terminology process will create a new application element(if it doesn't have any element for the same column name). Thereafter whenever we create a new column with the same dbname, it will map the same application element for that column. Because of this mapping, we can manage the display name,help/comment, description globally. That is we need not go to each and every column and change the display name,help comment or description. It will be m…