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Creating Charts in Openbravo Reports

Reporting is a decisive factor that determines the reach of an ERP among the Users. OpenbravoERP in particular have laid a lot of emphasis on the reporting structures. iReport is the tool officially supported by Openbravo for generating reports within Openbravo.For basic on developing reports in iReport, referhere. You can download iReporthere.

                   iReport is an opensource java based reporting tool. iReport provides lots of features like sub-reports,crosstab references, and various presentation gadgets like charts, bar graph, plotted line, etc. I have provided the steps for creating charts in reports in Openbravo.

Lets see an example. I have 10 product categories and 500 products. I want to see which products fall under which category and how much is the stock available. Lets see how this could look.
 If you have not worked in iReports before, you can take a look atthis. You can download iReport here. To add a chart to a window, use the chart tool icon in t…