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HTMLArea in Openbravo

References are a key feature that one should be aware of in OpenbravoERP. References provides us options to change the way a field is displayed in the Application. There are many standard reference types like, Table, TableDir, Date, Integer, ImageBlob, etc. These are mainly bundled inside the WAD. In addition to the existing list of references listed here, one can add more references like RadioButton, FileDialog, etc. For more information on how to extend a base reference to your module, refer here.

HtmlArea Reference:
The use of this reference type  it to display the value based on the html code provided. It can be used in many scenarios. I have provided a basic few scenarios here.
To display different colour on the field based on the condition.To display remote content in the field.To embed HTML code available elsewhere.Used when you want to have a link to any other openbravo window or process. This is can done by using <a href="link"/> where link is the url of that c…