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Retrieving Openbravo properties in DAL code is the configuration page in which we specify the source folder, the database configuration and many other configuration parameters. For more information on configuration, refer here.

There will be many cases where we will need the values of the parameters configured in the Few cases are.
When you have a native jdbc connectivity code and you do not want to change that, but bring that under a DAL code.When you have attached a file to a record and want to process that using the actual file path.When you need your current database name. When you need your current database parameters like URL, username,password, etcWhen you want the current context name using which the instance will be accessed.Now lets see how we can access the in DAL code.
Import the package  org.openbravo.base.session.OBPropertiesProvider.Use thegetProperty(property name) method on the OBPropertiesProviderPass the name of the parameter w…