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How to set vim as your default editor in Ubuntu

Programming and specially coding has taken a quantum leap over the years. But what's not changed much are the developers..;). I have seen too many so called developers who know only to code IDE's like Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ, etc. I respect them. I do not admonish them. In fact I am a master of developing swing applications in java. But I never wrote the code for the artifacts. I used the Netbeans UI designer for most parts of it. But to learn coding that stays with you forever and for hardcore coders, I guess editors like emacs and vim gives the ultimate pleasure.

I got  introduced into vim way late in my  programming career, i.e, almost 6 months back. But since then there is no looking back. I do most of my day to day operations using vim. I write codings in vim, I do my shell scripting in vim and the best part of it, I even read tweets from twitter and post tweet from vim and its fun. No gui and no hassles and no slow ram, processer and no distractions, just a terminal…