How to set vim as your default editor in Ubuntu

Programming and specially coding has taken a quantum leap over the years. But what's not changed much are the developers..;). I have seen too many so called developers who know only to code IDE's like Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ, etc. I respect them. I do not admonish them. In fact I am a master of developing swing applications in java. But I never wrote the code for the artifacts. I used the Netbeans UI designer for most parts of it. But to learn coding that stays with you forever and for hardcore coders, I guess editors like emacs and vim gives the ultimate pleasure.

I got  introduced into vim way late in my  programming career, i.e, almost 6 months back. But since then there is no looking back. I do most of my day to day operations using vim. I write codings in vim, I do my shell scripting in vim and the best part of it, I even read tweets from twitter and post tweet from vim and its fun. No gui and no hassles and no slow ram, processer and no distractions, just a terminal...:) Don't you think its eternal bliss?

But since its a terminal based editor people think that can be opened up only from a terminal. But even it can be set as your default editor when you open a file from file managers like nautilus. Here is the link on how it should be done.

Here is one more link that tells you how to set default editors of your own choice in linux.

If you are a "not so geeky , but don't want to be meeky" kind of a guy, I am sure you will like this setup..;) Looking forward to hearing comments about this. And even if there are many comments we can set up a twitter meet on #usingvim sometime..:).

Happy Working....


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