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Dissecting the enigma of Love - 1 : Wavelength

Long since I wrote a post and probably best for the rest of you guys. I heard that. But I am not going to quit. This post is all about the magic/curse (depending on the shore you are) LOVE and the concepts of wavelengths that's more often associated with love. I will blend 'them' and 'we' in the post because we are actually part of the clan.

First let me tell a small story. Two people start loving each other. Simple as that. When that magical feel starts, for the next couple of months, you can more often see the following things happen:
1. Both wear same colour dress often.
2. They often talk the same sentence unknowingly.
3. They know what the other person wants even when they are miles apart.
4. He / She calls just when the other person takes the phone to call.
5. They gift things which the other one thought of buying few days back.
6. When he turns to see her, she will also automatically turn to see him.

All these just not only happens in movies. It happen…