Dissecting the enigma of Love - 1 : Wavelength

Long since I wrote a post and probably best for the rest of you guys. I heard that. But I am not going to quit. This post is all about the magic/curse (depending on the shore you are) LOVE and the concepts of wavelengths that's more often associated with love. I will blend 'them' and 'we' in the post because we are actually part of the clan.

First let me tell a small story. Two people start loving each other. Simple as that. When that magical feel starts, for the next couple of months, you can more often see the following things happen:
1. Both wear same colour dress often.
2. They often talk the same sentence unknowingly.
3. They know what the other person wants even when they are miles apart.
4. He / She calls just when the other person takes the phone to call.
5. They gift things which the other one thought of buying few days back.
6. When he turns to see her, she will also automatically turn to see him.

All these just not only happens in movies. It happens in real life and that's where the lovers start enjoying the moment. They understand that this moment is worth their whole life and they know that without the other person their life is void. What a magical feeling love is. That's the time we think that our WAVELENGTH will match only with him/her.

CUT. Zoom in after say 6-7 months. The lovers are the same. The environment is the same. But somehow things seem to turn upside down.
1. There seems to be lots of misunderstandings happening.
2. We will not be able to guess what the other person wants and we more often upset them.
3. We do not more often enjoy the company of each other. We feel love is a added pressure.
4. Suddenly we become possessive. We do not feel good when they are talking with the opposite sex.

Then the guys will start saying "Girls are the most tough beings to satisfy on the Earth" and the girls will start saying, "Guys are the most cheapest creatures on Earth, after a couple of months they get bored". Then they begin to say "Love is a crime and not all get the right partner, so end up in jail..:)". The last one was my quote guys and I love it.

Is Love that much alien? Are girls so tough to understand as they are being perceived? Are guys so monkey minded to run from one girl to another in a matter of months? Well... I THINK ALL OF THESE ARE TRUE LIES.

The fundamental difference is 'Attention'. I always believe when you are in a conversation with someone, there are 2 voices to hear. One is voice that is out through the mouth and the other is something that resides in heart. When you can listen deeply and be attentive, you can listen to the inner voice of others and if you can do that, there is no force on earth that can break your Love.

When guys tell they cannot understand what girls think, how come they manage her to convince her to love him at the first place? Its interest, attentiveness. When he knows he has to grab her attention, he gives his 200% and listens to her inner self and satisfies her. But once love happens, lethargy creeps in and then you lose the urge to keep pushing yourself so hard to satisfy her because you know now she is yours. Wrong. The worst way to hurt a human is to make them feel they are no more important in your life. Do that to your own peril..:). This is one place where the WAVELENGTH BREAKS.

And the problem with girls they always feel they deserve the best. They are more often not satisfied by being the second best and when after a point in time, guys do give her and his personal life equal priority, she feels cheated and that's where the WAVELENGTH BREAKS.

Will probably end this post here. If guys and girls can understand this sincerely I am sure their love will be as successful as they thought it would be. And just a few disclaimers.
1. The reason someone loves is not just for the external beauty and if some one does that, its mandatory that they like that thing lifelong or life is gonna be real hell.
2. There are cases when few factors like lust, ego etc gains more importance than love. In that case, be the sufferer or the one giving the suffering, its better to leave the other one. I am a firm believer of the fact that people should walk away of they think it's not going to work out. Patching works will never last that longer in tires and life.
3. And always keep in mind, love is a truly brilliant feeling that has be kept alive constantly like breathing, if you plan to show cause it on a seasonal basis, then god help you.

As usual, would love to hear comments from you guys about it and as usual open to people asking for a ban for my rantings..:).


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