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Sub reports in Openbravo

Report is one of the key USP for any ERP application. The more enhanced and flexible the reports are, more happy is the customer. In Openbravo, jasper reports provides us the flexibility to handle all this. iReport is one  tool that can be used to create jasper reports. I have provided a simple example of how to add sub-report for an Openbravo Report using iReport. Main Report: Assume we have created a main report with the following query and layout. Adding Sub Report: The Sub Report can be created by adding the sub report icon as follows. The sub-report can be added by drag and dropping the highlighted portion in the above screen shot. It will open the sub report wizard. The sub report can be created in any one of the following three ways. Each way has different number of configuration steps. 1. A new sub report can be created using the wizard by using the "Create a new Report" Option. This will ask for all the options needed to create a new report including the report query…