Speed up numeric data entry in Openbravo

Openbravo 3.0 brings in a whole new refreshing change to the way ERP Applications have been designed. 

Did you know that in Openbravo 3 you can enter a formula in a numeric field?

Let's say that you are closing your period and you know that you know that $12,235.48 expense needs to be distributed 60% for department A and 4% for department B.

Should you pull out your calculator?

Not with Openbravo 3. While entering your journal entry, you can type directly "=12235.48*0.60" and you will get the figure you need!

In Openbravo 3, any numeric fields supports calculations. Start you entry with the "=" character and then enter any calculation formula that supports +, -, *, / as operands. You can also use brackets!

It is much faster than pulling out that old calculator!

Source : https://plus.google.com/u/1/106720987434895771474/posts/HfB7xTWaTuz


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