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The Genius of Michael Clarke and the beauty of Test Cricket

With lot of emphasis on this years IPL, I am sure most of us forgot what was happening in the cricket world before the same. There were couple of real bad foreign tours for India (England and Australia) and same was the fate for England in Pakistan. But what's worse was India not even reaching the finals of the Asia Cup 2012. Bangladesh and Pakistan played the finals in which Pakistan won the match and Bangladesh won the hearts.

In the middle of all this hype, Australia quietly played a spectacular series against West Indies. No one expected Windies to even give a fight, but they way they played was a treat to watch. They drew the one dayers 2-2 and the T20's 1-1. Then came the 3 match test series. If I am not wrong, Australia won it 2-0. But it was really lot more closer than the results showed. But one phase of play was really an intriguing session. It was near to the close of the third with around 7 overs left. West Indies were 9 down and their wicket keeper Baugh was on cre…