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Managing coworking spaces using "Openbravo Coworking"

Managing Coworking Spaces?  Here is why you need "Openbravo Coworking".

The major boon and may be the only boon in the receding economic crisis is the emergence of strong startup hubs or coworking communities. Now coworking just does not mean sharing spaces. It is a lot more than that. It is an effective community where people are ready to discuss openly about the clients and help each other in resolving issues and building contacts and getting projects for each other. This in turn forms a network of highly skilled people sharing a common work environment which serves as an incubator for awesome products. If you are wondering whether coworking is needed, you can head to the discussions here.

Working in a coworking environment is fun for most companies, while managing coworking spaces can be quite a task. Right from managing member leads to finalizing spaces, allocation of desks, meeting halls, invoicing them properly and maintaining contracts, etc. Selecting appropriate member…

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