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My journey with Angular.js - Day1

Hi All,
I am planning to learn Angular.js from today and I using the for my first training. Beginning my training, will keep posting here how it goes...

Beginning with the Introduction. They are taking about creating a gems store and I was immediately thinking whether I entered a Ruby tutorial... Got to focus up...

Even before starting the tutorial, we are asked to make sure we know Html/CSS and Javascript. Okay, I can handle that... Next up, about testing patterns, Behavioral Driven Development and Test Driven Development. I am sure I fall under BDD and my clients under TDD.

Good to know Angular.js is ONLY a front end framework and not a backend framework and it is more suitable for dynamic websites.

Listening about proper responsive sites. Also good to know Angular can load a specific section of the page without loading the whole assets list...

Directives are used to bind the method to events. ng-controller seems to t…

Navigating folders and files in java

There are lot's of predefined libraries for File Management like Apache Commons. But it is better to know code that can be used without these libraries. Here is a small program to recursively search through a directory and print the name of all the files present in the directory.


 * @author Shankar

public class test {

   * @param args
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    final File folder = new File("E:\\Openbravo\\ImportModule\\orderImport");

  public static void listFiles(File folder) {
    for (final File currentFile : folder.listFiles()) {
      if (currentFile.isDirectory()) {
      } else {

Notice that I have used double backward slash '\\' in file path as I am using windows (as strange as that might sound for an Ubuntu fanatic) ..:) . In linux single forward slash is enou…